organizacja imprez okolicznościowych w koźminie


Excellent cuisine

The Kosma restaurant is a hospitable, modern interior suitable for a lavish party, an intimate party or a Sunday dinner with your loved ones. Our dishes are a mixture of simplicity and flavor essence that will satisfy the most demanding gourmets. In the kitchen, we work on the highest quality products, thanks to which the chef has developed wonderful recipes. The dishes are not only delicious, but also healthy and beautifully served.



restauracja kosma koźmin wielkopolski

Modern style

Thanks to carefully selected recipes, the hotel restaurant guarantees a variety of flavors. The chef promotes excellent dishes that you want to come back for.
It is worth getting to know and visiting our restaurant - elegant, modern style, pastel colors, air-conditioned rooms, subtle accessories that have been selected with the best taste.
All of this favors successful meetings.


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